Why Altkart?

A champions league of shopping sites.

We believe that online shipping shouldn’t be about spending countless hours going through millions of products on multiple shopping websites with contradicting customer reviews in hope to land the best product at the best price.

Hence, www.altkart.com: an alternate place to shop online where we list only the best selling products from best performing vendors.

How do we do it? (It’s not just AI)

We analyze millions of products from popular shopping sites to pick out the best ones, the selected products are then put though our stringent physical review system by out #AltkartReviewed team who actually use the products in real world and give you only the best ones to buy.

  1. No more spending hours to find the perfect product.
  2. No more hunting for discounts on coupon sites.
  3. No more worrying about quality of the products.

Happy Shopping!

PS: Are you sure the pair of shoes you bought last time were at the best possible price? Check again. In most cases prices vary, from time to time and even from user to user.